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Homosexual Heaven in Islam

There are plenty of things wrong with the Islamic view of Heaven. Probably the most famous example is 72 virgins, which I will talk about in detail in a later post. But for now, let’s talk about homosexuality. Homosexuality was widely practiced in pre-Islamic Arabia, and to win everyone over, Muhammad had to come up […]

Apostacy in Islam: Why people don’t come out as nonbelievers.

If you live in a Muslim-majority country, or you’re in a position where your Muslim relatives have a lot of influence on you, don’t even think about defining yourself as something other than a Muslim. To explain, I will refer to a post in a fantastic blog that I stumbled upon recently. It’s by Sarah […]

Islamic Banking

You hear that buzzword being used a lot in some circles. What does it actually mean? Islamic banking isn’t any different from regular banking. Because collecting interest is not allowed for Muslims, they substitute the interest for an “annual fee” for the loan. That annual fee ends up being about the same amount that you […]

Allah’s Vagina

Enough said.