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If you’ve ever watched The Colbert Report, “truthiness” is the idea that if something feels true, it is. Completely disregarding facts. While other faiths can claim to have empirical, unbiased evidence supporting their views (in some cases, they do even when most of their teachings are bullshit), this is certainly not the case with Islam. You just get fed the same lies (re: Hitler’s Big Lie) over and over again, like the idea of how Islam is an Abrahamic religion, how there are no scientific errors in the Qur’an, etc.. But if you really examine the facts, you get a completely different picture. But you’re not supposed to examine the facts as a Muslim. You just repeat the same bullshit a million times until it “feels” true. Then that, to you, becomes truth.

While this blog is specifically a criticism of Islam, I will often post relevant ideas about science, spirituality, politics, and anything else that might interest you. Not just as a former Muslim, but as a human being, I’m tired of the lies being fed to us from society and I’d like to change that. Right now there’s not much I’m able to do, but I can use this blog as a place to share my ideas freely.


My full real, legal name translates to “truth seeker.” I won’t tell you which language it’s in because it’s a pretty unique name on the internet, and you don’t need to know anyway for the purposes of this blog. I will tell you that I’m male somewhere in my twenties. I’m from South Asia (won’t say where), and I can speak/read/write in an Indian language (won’t say which). I can also understand to a limited extent a few others. I spent most of my life in the United States.


Although my blog is written in English, I also speak French reasonably well. If you write a comment or email in French, you can expect a reply from me in French. Same thing goes for Russian, although I apologize in advance if my writing seems a bit awkward. Please note that my native language, the language my name is in, and the languages I use now are all different. I’m also a bit of an amateur linguist so don’t be surprised if I use bits and pieces of other languages (with or without Google Translate).


I must approve all comments you post in my blog. I personally don’t believe in censorship (and you’re welcome to criticize my views) but if I see any hateful comments or spam, I reserve the right to delete them. If you have something really personal you want to say, email me at truthinessoffaith@live.com. I will check this address 1 or 2 times per week to every day depending on how much free time I have so please be patient. If I post any of your personal messages in this blog, I will hide your name, email address and anything else personal that you may have on there. If you have a really good reason, MAYBE I will talk to you by Windows Live Messenger. But that’s highly unlikely due to security.

Privacy Disclaimer

On this blog, I will not go after specific people other than already-widely famous celebrities who are asking for it. In the rare occasion that I do criticize someone, I will not reveal their true identity. That way, I can assure you that you will not be defamed. If you’re a skilled hacker, you’ll probably figure out who I am. I don’t have the skills to stop something like that. I ask that you respect my privacy and understand the circumstances that I’m in right now, and why I prefer to remain anonymous.

Any death threats will be reported to law enforcement. Don’t be stupid.


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