Cliff Wujo – Grand Penis Controversy

A downloadable audio version is here.

This podcast speaks for itself so I don’t have much more to add. Muslims and Jews are required to be circumcised.

The reason both groups are cut will surprise most people, but it is because they are manipulated and controlled, just like they control us.

Their customs, given to them by “God”, are designed to make them clear minded and predatory. The diet-related restrictions, focus on being clean, and things of that nature are intended to foster clear thinking and intelligence. Other rituals and traditions such as circumcision, obsession with tradition and obedience, and genocidal beliefs imprint on that clear mind a bent toward predatory behavior.

This basic thrust has then been purified through centuries of repeated violence by and against Muslims and Jews. Like purification through fire, repeated shocks to their existence have multiplied the above qualities mentioned.

And all the supposed “health benefits” claimed by early 20th century American doctors? Those doctors were mostly Jewish. More about that in a future blog post.


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