“Drama bazi” and forced marriages in Islam

A lot of forced marriages among Muslims in the Indian subcontinent (to a lesser extent, this also applies to other faiths like Hindus and Sikhs, and also Muslims around the world) are made to look like they’re not forced. The term to describe it in several North Indian languages is drama bazi.

To understand what that term means, consider this:

Mom: Son, I want you to get married to my sister’s daughter.
Son: No Mom, I don’t want to get married right now, and I don’t like her anyway.
Mom: But I am your mother! Look, I fed you this morning. You spent the first 20 years of your life in my house. I know what’s best for you. Do this for me, because I’m getting old and weak, and I can’t look after you anymore. What you need is a good Muslim girl from a respectable family like my sister’s in-laws. You can also take care of me together, and she will help you do well in life.
Son: That doesn’t mean I have to marry this girl at this time!
Mom: How dare you question the infinite wisdom of your mother! Doesn’t the Hadith say that a child’s heaven is under his mother’s feet! You MUST obey me!
Son: You can’t force me to get married.
Mom: HOW DARE YOU!?!? According to the Qur’an, which is Allah’s word, you owe a debt to your parents that you can never pay back. That’s why no matter what they tell you to do, you must always obey without question. The only time you can disobey your parents is when they tell you to leave Islam.

Usually, these young adult children have been brainwashed and pressured like this for months or even years until eventually, they give in just to make their parents shut up. Then they get married and the two sets of parents now control every aspect of both children’s lives.

Muslim women love playing the victim card, especially when they have children and are trying to control them.


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