I hereby declare that I am no longer a Muslim.

I just can’t pretend to do this anymore. I’m done.


What do I miss about that awful religion?
-My foreskin
-Having morality written out for me in books (instead of having to think for myself about what’s right or wrong)
-72 virgins in Paradise
-Being totally okay with drowning in fear and self-pity
-Finding loopholes in the holy books that prevent me from doing real work in anything of value
-Not having to learn how to interact with the opposite sex in a mature, constructive way
-Feeling self-righteous and better than everyone else because I was born into the right religion

What I don’t miss:

-Going to mosque at least once a week, sometimes up to 5 times in a day
-Hiding my shoes somewhere so they don’t get stolen
-Taking off my jacket and having it sandwiched in the middle of jackets of old men with poor hygeine, then going home smelling like them
-Washing myself in a dirty bathroom every time I go inside
-Smelling everyone else’s dirty feet
-Facing east to pray, when in reality I’m facing somebody’s ass
-Putting my forehead 3 inches a way from somebody’s ass
-Getting squeezed the living guts out of me by really fat men who take up five times my space in the prayer lines
-Going home with aching knees and ankles from bowing down in the concrete floor
-Touching my nose to the ground and having to spring back up really fast, resulting in a really bad headache
-Being forced to pray and recite passages from the Qur’an when I don’t believe in it
-Listening to long boring sermons in Arabic and Persian (Farsi), neither of which I have any desire in learning to speak
-Being scolded by my mother for not going to mosque early enough on a Friday to listen to all of it
-Hypocritic mullahs and their bullshit
-Being forced to wake up way too early in the morning for prayer and later being unable to sleep
-Listening to lectures about how “ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE” and later in that same speech hearing justifications for killing infidels
-Watching everyone else cry for fear of hell and then getting dirty looks for not crying with them

-Fear of brutality from a loving god
-Fear of physical and emotional torture from parents and members of the religious community
-Fear of not being good enough for anything no matter how hard I try
-Fear of the two angels sitting on my shoulders recording everything I do
-Fear of being judged by everyone
-Fear of anything that makes me human
-Fear of being attracted to women
-Fear of Judgment Day

-Hatred of every other religious group, especially Jews
-Muslims who are not Hanafi Sunnis who blindly follow the words of Zakir Naik (and are not true Muslims)
-Having to interact and do business with infidels

-Having a ritualistic party thrown for me for having my genitals mutilated (and getting a horribly painful infection from the wound), where elder men and women wanted to look at me and compliment me on how beautiful and manly my penis looks
-Going to the same party for other little boys whose genitals got mutilated
-Listening to lectures from mullahs about how milads are against Islam, who get paid to do that very thing in people’s houses whenever there’s a party
-Going to parties that are all about people showing off how much unhealthy food they can overfeed me, and raising everyone’s own reputation with really fake small talk

-Putting up with stupid relatives who don’t care about me, but pretend to
-Every little thing they say is about brainwashing me or raising their reputation, or both
-Everyone calling me “Brother/Bhai/Son/etc.”
-Everyone farting in front of everyone else, with no regard for politeness

-“Holy man” constantly giving me advice about how everything I’m doing is wrong, and why I can never go to heaven even if I become just like him
-Constantly being scolded for doing things I didn’t know were haraam
-Elders yelling at me for missing prayers
-People being rude and inconsiderate because they can’t miss prayers
-People claiming dogs are unclean and can’t be kept as pets but having guard dogs sitting next to their house all day (whom they feed)
-People having filthy houses and complaining if you have a pet (even a cat) in yours because cats are so unclean
-Every other person coming up with another reason for why their interpretation of Islam is the only “REAL ISLAM” and everyone else is a hypocrite
-People growing beards and going to mosques all of a sudden and making me feel bad for not being as Muslim as they are
-Hugging people who smell like moth balls and cheap cologne that smells terrible, all because they’re too cheap and lazy to do laundry
-Having to respect people based solely on the fact that they are older than me and have more fake reputation in the Muslim community
-Having to treat everyone like a close family member when they are not even close
-Dealing with people who are too stupid when it comes to understanding science, because apparently everything we have ever needed to know is in the Qur’an
-People giving me nasty looks for being nice to stray animals, lower caste people, and Hindus

-Feeling bad for being attracted to women
-Not being allowed to have female friends, acquaintances, or even business partners
-Never being able to get laid because this religion made me suck a fucked up monster
-Going out and seeing women on a daily basis wearing anything less then a burqa
-Being ashamed of having a penis
-Believing that I’ll rape any woman if I get within a hundred feet of her
-Constant verbal abuse from parents and relatives while I was going through puberty, all about how much of a disgrace I am to them BECAUSE MY BODY CHANGED AND I LOOK LIKE SOMETHING THAT’S NOT QUITE A CHILD OR AN ADULT
-Getting nasty looks because I have a little sister who sometimes sits on my lap and watches TV with me, or falls asleep right next to me in my bed
-Gender apartheid, and gender-segregated anything I would ever want to go to or do
-Not being able to wear shorts because women will be instantly seduced by my seductive, bony, hairy legs and be all over me within seconds
-Having condescending attitudes towards women and treating them like second-class citizens
-Having to switch the TV channel whenever an attractive women comes on (even if it’s just the meteorologist and I need to know the weather)
-Not being allowed to watch TV during Ramadan, or certain other “holy” times
-Having to switch the TV channel whenever someone shows affection to someone else
-Thinking women are dirty and disgusting when they go through their monthly cycles
-Looking down on people for having sex for pleasure, even after they’re married
-Creating an entire culture around virginity
-Feeling guilty for masturbating because it’s such an unforgivable sin

-Being lied to and trapped in a situation where I would have to marry my cousin or be honor killed
-Not being able to refuse the marriage no matter what because according to Islamic Sharia law, your parents can read the wedding vows on your behalf and you are still legally bound
-Having to attend weddings that you know either the bride, groom (or both) was forced into
-Long and pointless rituals that seem to go on FOREVER
-Absurdly expensive Islamic dowries that are a price paid from the groom (or his parents) to the bride’s parents in exchange for ownership over her body
-Emotional abuse about how I’m not doing anything right, despite doing everything their way
-Not being able to hug or hold my wife’s hand because that’s not allowed, yet I’m expected to hug and hold the hands of every male stranger with a lot of reputation to his name, or who is some distant relative I’ve never seen before
-Showing off my wife to everyone to boost my reputation (and hers)

-Hating myself for being a musician
-Hiding myself from other Muslims because I do something so sinful
-Listening to Muslim chants which are all about what a wonderful man Muhammad was and how we all have to do every little thing like him to get favors from Allah
-Reciting the Qur’an like singing even though singing isn’t allowed

-Not being able to drink alcohol
-Having to look at food labels that read “suitable for vegetarians”
-Settling for the vegetarian option at restaurants and pretending it tastes nice
-Feeling guilty for not fasting during Ramadan
-Not being able to eat perfectly good meat in a restaurant that is no different from other meat because of a few words said before the animal died (halal meat)
-Having to break a fast with a date—even if you hate dates
-Not being able to eat with your left hand, even with a fork (we do have toilet paper and hand soap now!)

-People who say, “It’s Allah’s will” and then ask you to pray for them
-Requests for forgiveness when I’ve done nothing wrong
-Not being able to question ANYTHING
-Having to buy silly book about non issues such as “fiqh”
-Having to grow a scraggly beard and thinking that shaving it is forbidden (haram)
-Having to fight for the “front of the line” for heaven and proving myself a better Muslim by volunteering to be a suicide bomber
-Preaching 24/7 on TV during Ramadan
-Having to learn Arabic to read the Qur’an and not understanding the language anyway.
-Being told if we recite the Qur’an harder and louder, we will understand it better and Allah will give us more reward
-Reciting the Qur’an like a parrot
-Not being able to draw pictures of Mohammed
-Having to kiss the hand of a Pir (teachers to spread Islam)
-Having theological doubts all the time. I always knew something was wrong about believing; it was just easier to conform
-Blindly believing everything in the Qur’an
-Doing something everyday just because everyone around me was doing it
-Doing deeds just for the sake of heaven, not because I want to be a good person
-The idiocy of people not realizing that they were Muslim only because of their birth to Muslim parents. They did not choose to be Muslim
-Having to be selective about where I shop to that I can find a decent spot to pray
-Turning down good jobs in industries that were forbidden such as investment banking or breweries, or because they don’t have enough prayer accomodations
-Muslims not being able to understand interest
-Not being able to have an interest bearing checking account
-Halal mortgages (annual mortgage fees are the same as interest)
-Not being able to play video games

-Believing babies only come from praying
-Believing babies are only delivered by surgery
-Tyranny of thought in science and politics — that divine law is immutable
-Abdicating responsibility for my actions and plans, thinking Allah had pre-determined everything
-Feeling superior and self-righteous to everyone else because I was a Muslim.

-Not being able to have a TV. And if I do have a TV, I must listen to Zakir Naik’s lectures 24/7 IN AT LEAST FIVE LANGUAGES.
-Fanatical obsession with cleanliness, yet somehow still having really smelly clothes and armpits
-Having to lie to please people
-Being asked who my dad is 10 times a day
-Having to say alhamdulillah! [Praise be to God!] every other sentence
-Having to visit family and friends for Eid and feeling obligated to have the sweet, watery vermicelli dessert (sawine) for the umpteenth time
-Having to watch the Muppet show (Adam’s World) on the Islamic channel
-Not being able to wear shorts
-Not knowing how to swim
-Not being able to go to the beach
-Having to wait in line for 3 hours for a haircut the day before Eid
-Having to sit around mourning for 40 days when some distant relative dies
-Having to believe that pedophilia is okay as long as the molester is married to her
-Stinky men wearing the desert oil (attar) that they think makes them closer the Mohammed
-People maintaining the full shari’ah look in public while doing disgusting things in private
-Control of all aspects of my life like stepping to the restroom with my left foot, only sleeping on my right side, etc.

Other thoughts:
-I don’t miss the controlling nature of Islam, especially for women! I don’t miss being controlled by elders who thought they knew better and must be obeyed because Allah said so. I am now able to be an independent woman and make my own decisions. I don’t miss living my life according to a false, corrupt & brutal doctrine of hatred, paranoia and misogyny. It hurts me to see my loved ones afflicted by this twisted religion. I don’t need to be fearful now. I can enjoy creating love and peace to the world now!

This page will be updated as I can think of more things to say.

I adapted this post from the following site:



  1. ha ha ha ha ha ha

    thanks mate,

    thank you for telling others how much intelligent and educated you.

    but please remember 1 thing.

    blame religion or other for ur own mistakes and ur parents mistakes..

    The things you said linked with parents,then you should take them to hospital.

    //-Not being able to refuse the marriage no matter what because according to Islamic Sharia law, your parents can read the wedding vows on your behalf and you are still legally bound //


    //-Absurdly expensive Islamic dowries that are a price paid from the groom (or his parents) to the bride’s parents in exchange for ownership over her body //

    Well,then i became stupid,becoz i didn;t took anything.

    //Not being able to hug or hold my wife’s hand because that’s not allowed, yet I’m expected to hug and hold the hands of every male stranger with a lot of reputation to his name, or who is some distant relative I’ve never seen before//

    I and My Wife Played throwing water on each other in front of parents.with manners.

    //Showing off my wife to everyone to boost my reputation (and hers)//

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


    if this was being done in ur family,then the only person responsible is your parents.

    //-Feeling bad for being attracted to women//

    Every evening i go out to meet friends,when my wife ask then i say im going to meet my GF..sometime she reminds me..saying aaj gf se milne nahi jayenge…

    //Thinking women are dirty and disgusting when they go through their monthly cycles//

    this is jewish,christian view from bible…quran says blood is dirty not women…so,thouch them hug them kiss them,but dont do intercorse,as it will be painful and hurt them..

    // -Believing babies only come from praying-Believing babies are only delivered by surgery-Feeling superior and self-righteous to everyone else because I was a Muslim.//



  2. asadapostate · · Reply

    Feels good to be free don’t it?

    1. Yes, but I’m under a lot of pressure seeing how relatives and much of the community are devout Muslims.

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