If you look at the Old Testament, there’s plenty of examples of YHWH punishing people for not following him. Some are also said to go to some dark place, but it’s never really described where they went, or what happened to them. It’s also debatable whether Jesus implied to his followers that you will go […]

This situation is very typical of Muslims. They will beat the crap out of you for disagreeing with their religious views.

The myth that warfare is only justified in Islam under the condition of self-defense is disproved by the account of the Battle of Badr, in which Muhammad sent his men out to raid caravans, then deliberately provoked a battle with the Meccan army sent out to defend them.  The case for aggressive warfare is also […]

There are plenty of things wrong with the Islamic view of Heaven. Probably the most famous example is 72 virgins, which I will talk about in detail in a later post. But for now, let’s talk about homosexuality. Homosexuality was widely practiced in pre-Islamic Arabia, and to win everyone over, Muhammad had to come up […]

To: Allah Cc: Azhar Grand Imam From: Ibn Kammuna Dear Allah, Greeting I am writing to you because I have to say I am disappointed in your final religion (so you say, but I can’t swear on it). Look, I said the Shahada a dozen times thinking that will make me a Muslim like you […]

Although the study of Psychology is overlooked in just about every Muslim society (for obvious reasons), Muslims like to assume you’re mentally ill (when they don’t assume you’re possessed by the Devil) if you disagree with them on ANYTHING when it comes to their religious beliefs. However, Muslims are clearly more mentally ill than any […]

If you live in a Muslim-majority country, or you’re in a position where your Muslim relatives have a lot of influence on you, don’t even think about defining yourself as something other than a Muslim. To explain, I will refer to a post in a fantastic blog that I stumbled upon recently. It’s by Sarah […]